July 16 OOTD – Jetsettah

Want to fly business or first on a coach ticket? Flight attendants generally say to show up early, be polite, and dress well – you’re more likely to be bumped up the upgrade list if you look the part.

What does that mean? While you won’t get kicked off for your leggings or your favorite holey jeans, you probably aren’t gonna get that upgrade, either. So here’s an idea for how to be cute, comfy, and stylish enough for a bump.

Remember: you can always pack a lightweight lounge outfit and fuzzy socks in your carry-on bag to change into for that redeye once you’re on the plane.



Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 1.35.03 PM

This is fitted yet not constricting, and more importantly it’s moisture wicking and wrinkle resistant. Leave the top unbuttoned, roll the sleeves, and loosely tuck into your trousers for a look of casual, strategic sprezzatura. I prefer this to the top below because of the cotton-blend fabric content, and I am pretty staunch in my love for more natural fibers, where possible… BUT…


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 1.32.47 PM


While this is a polyester/spandex knit, I can’t help but love this wrinkle-free design. It is less businesslike and a little more flattering, to be frank… plus, you can’t beat the price!


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.03.45 PM

Good bottoms are an investment piece. Seriously- there is something to be said for certain types of premium denim that makes them worth every penny, particularly when you have weirdly oblong hips and a healthy butt like mine – H&M jeans just don’t cut it. I’ve legitimately never owned a pair of jeans as flattering as 7FAMs. If you have a nice pair of inky-black jeans, they’re multi-purpose– I’ve worn mine to job interviews, to nighttime events paired with a gray or white blazer and heels, or casually to a ball game. I’ve owned them for over 2 years with very little color leaching and they’re just as soft as day 1. My friends who cop to $40 jeans from H&M complain about crotch holes after a year of very regular use. The way I look at it, they have since replaced their jeans twice now (at least $120, right?) while I’m still wearing the same pair. So while they think they’re saving money, I’ve come out ahead (I didn’t pay full price for mine*). Remember to AMORTIZE the cost to see if a purchase is sensible.

BONUS: THESE DON’T FEEL OR LOOK LIKE DENIM. Seriously, 7FAM’s slim illusion luxe line feels like sweatpants but have a tighter knit that puts them in trouser category. That said, they seem to be replacing this line with their b(air) line, which while comfy, doesn’t have that luxe satiny feel… so jump on these whenever you can.

*Note – I bought my black, straight leg version of these slim illusion luxe jeans on Amazon by setting a sale alert on camel camel camel, and paid $69 when it dropped to that rate for the day (Amazon pricing is not static, so if you want something from there, monitor the pricing using any number of tools). I ordered my heritage blue slim illusion luxe bootcut jeans from Bloomingdales during their Black Friday sale in 2016 for $99. The 7FAM website has sales regularly, and Nordstrom Rack/HauteLook sometimes brings these at a steal, too.

I know I’ve written an essay on how great these are, and I wish I had an endorsement deal for this– ha!

BOTTOMS #2: Betabrand Straight-Leg Dress Pant Yoga Pants – on sale for $52.20

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 2.22.06 PM

Disclaimer: I don’t own these myself, but I might have to cop for them. I have friends that sing their praises, and they’re supposed to be super cute/comfy! Plus – they have lots of colors and patterns to choose from. Also check out Betabrand’s travel-specific products (like these Gray Travel Jeans for $89.60 with lots of handy pockets)- they have cute items, but many of them can be costly (though you get 20% off your first order).


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 12.51.55 AM

I referenced Rothy’s in my post about comfort shoes, and this is another versatile investment piece. I personally think the pointed toe is a bit dressier than the round toe, and I love this Port color, but there are tons of color choices here. These are your best bet for easy kickoff on a plane, dressy enough to pass muster, and great for walking from terminal to terminal if you’ve got a layover.


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 3.02.30 PM

I’m always cold once a plane gets in the air, even if I’d been sweating my makeup off five minutes prior on a hot Angeleno tarmac. This guy is a super warm, easy-to-wear layer that you can flip depending on the color palette of your outfit. It’s acrylic and polyester (meh), but I use this as a blanket on the plane or at work and it’s fabbity fab and easy to pack and carry (I have the mulberry color, which is much more casual).

*Disclaimer: I have to be blunt, I don’t think this poncho is worth $70, and you’re paying for a name, but I DO think the poncho is worth having if you can get it at a discount. I received a free FabFitFun box from an entertainment industry event, and this was one of the items inside. Realistically, I’d probably pay up to $40 for this, maybe even a bit more. However, the BB Dakota site offers 15% off for first-time customers and will often have sales. Also, I have seen discount deals on GiltCity a couple of times in the past year for the brand (GiltCity will often give free discount codes for cosmetics brands, and clothing brands will often have $50 for $100 deals or similar, so it’s worth getting a login and signing up for alerts). BB Dakota has enough cute sale items and sweaters to take advantage of such a Gilt deal.


Happy Travels!

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