A lifelong lover of beautiful things, I’ve spent the past few years frustrated with the profusion of very thin, beautiful, and highly inaccessible Instagram models who have taken over this aspect of social media.

While there is nothing wrong with the life these women portray (and in fact, I’ll feature some of them – they’ve got great style and do a lot to empower women!), the fact is most women will never get to the perfect size 0-2, and most of us just don’t have the means to wear every latest Chanel bag that comes out (that ish is super expensive, and I’ve got bills!). Most of us can’t cook full gourmet meals after work, most of us can’t figure how to make our living rooms look Tumblerina-perfect, and most of us can’t figure out the right way to use the weight machines at the gym.

So… here’s a realistic look at things from someone with champagne taste and a slightly-more-than-beer budget. IMPORTANT: this is not a discount blog – that is, you won’t come here to just find out what’s cheap and cute. This is a blog to figure out when to cop for an authentic item, when to snag a dupe, when it’s worth paying full price for something (but of course avoiding that wherever possible – because paying full price for anything makes me itch). This is a place to figure out the psychology of buying and selling, focusing on the quality and longevity of an item, as well as its versatility and purpose, as well as it’s repurposing potential. Don’t read this site if you’re not completely aware of what’s in your closet, and be honest with yourself about your needs. I don’t condone buying things for the sake of buying things, or if they’re just on sale. We want to be smart and frugal, but I strongly believe that being frugal and being cheap are very different things.

A little bit of luxury, a lot of tips on discount fashionista shopping, a mad love of crock pots and DIY, a distinction between frugality and cheapness, and easy-peasy fitness things I repost from other people (lol, as if I could come up with these!) from a size 8-10, average lookin’ girl from Southern California.

About me: I’m an entertainment industry peon in my late 20s, with an English Degree and an MFA. Love to write, love to snark, and am surrounded daily by people keeping up with the Joneses. Film, TV, and book buff. Dog mom, Lego-partner wife.